Ten rules for developing a great product

Parts from StickLamp
Parts from StickLamp
Based on my expiriances this Rules are the "Best Practis" to develop a Product.

  1. Investigate and study the work environment and use case.
  2. Talk with the customer about the features and define "Must Haves" and "Nice To Haves".
  3. The product is more as a solution of a problem. For the customer it includes emotions.
  4. Retaining the features as easy as possible.
  5. Study and think first before you modeling the first idea in a 3D CAD system.
  6. Use for the supporting functions when possible standard parts. This increases the safety of the product.
  7. Meet with the customer to fix planned design reviews.
  8. Build a prototype and test it in the work environment.
  9. Use suppliers with whom you already have good experience gained.
  10. Ask sometimes the customer about his experiance with the product and supprt him.



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